ZenMate VPN Review: ZenMate Offers Up to 71% off Coupon/Promotional Code

Review of ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is VPN service basically from Germany whose head company is called ZenGaurd. The name might be a very funny product, but the service is serious enough to be in the top lists of VPN providers.

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This is one of the only ones that people who do not speak English can access very smoothly. There are many languages apart from English in which you can use or operate it. Here we will talk about their features, plans, security systems, support, and performance:

Features of ZenMate:

  • You get access to the servers located in Hong Kong, Romania, Germany, and the US.
  • The throughput of data is unlimited while you use ZenMate.
  • There are different extensions present for the users using Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • NAT or Network Address Translation Firewall is available.
  • Five different and simultaneous connections are allowed at once.
  • Opera browser has Add-ons.
  • Applications for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS are present.

ZenMate Plans: There are two different plans that you can select from while using ZenMate:

  • Free: You can easily use the free service forever although you must know that the option for data throughput is not available in this version.
  • Premium: This comes with a free trial of 7 days, and when it is over you can use the paid version. The free trial cannot be used in the mobile application. The prices for the packages are shown in Dollars.

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The ZenMate VPN providers follow the rules of security and privacy of the country it is used in since it is controlled that way. The application also has a feature called the “EverSecure” which works like a kill switch.

This was mainly made in order to fight an iOS function. There is not much that is mentioned on their website about the management of leaks or DNS calls although ZenMate uses the best encryption, i.e., the 256-bit key.

Customer Support:

This is one backdrop of the whole VPN service since they do not have a live chat system or support page on their website. You need a proper account in order to use the support page even if you find it.

You cannot raise the support ticket since there is no option like that. There is a knowledge base you will be forwarded to where you can contact the support team and thus you can reach for further help.

Performance of ZenMate:

There are have been different tests that were performed on the ZenMate VPN service including speed and performance tests. There are 5 different set of tests performed for each category that ensures that the performance is up to date. The performance has changed and gone higher or lower depending on the area or region.

After saying all this, we can say combined together; it is the best VPN service that one person can get. There are limitations in the free service, but one can still use it. This review should help new users although you must do a double check before you start using it.

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